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About the Centre (Who We Are)

The Older Persons Active Ageing Centre is the central hub of services and activities catering to the needs of older persons in the Cayman Islands. The Centre combines the strengths of the Elderly Services Teams of the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) and the Needs Assessment Unit (NAU), allowing them to collaborate on mutually beneficial service delivery to older persons.

The Older Persons Active Ageing Centre will:

  • Provide a centralised location for older persons to receive services and access programme activities;
  • Deliver assistance that will be timely and specialised;
  • Promote a multi-service agency approach;
  • Accommodate and encourage interaction through various forms;
  • Afford the opportunity for talent sharing and displaying of arts and crafts; and
  • Display a consistent level of love, respect and care for older persons by the Ministry of Community Affairs and the Cayman Islands Government.


Advancing the well-being of Older Persons (Cayman Islands Older Persons Policy 2016-2035).


The Centre exists to promote healthy ageing and independence of older persons through the provision of services and programmes.

Value Statement:

  • We promote the well-being of older persons.
  • We treat people with respect.
  • We promote safety.
  • We promote empowerment of older persons.
  • We provide support to older persons
  • We encourage participation from older persons.
  • We advocate for the welfare of older persons.
  • We enhance the quality of life of older persons through prompt, efficient and courteous service.
  • We enable older persons to socialise and enjoy planned activities in a group setting while still receiving needed services.
  • We provide older persons with an opportunity to interact with others and receive both mental, social stimulation as well as the continuing care they need.
  • We enrich the lives of older persons lives by building upon their skills and strengths and providing them with lots of social interaction.
  • We provide a confidential, safe, secure, welcoming and energising environment for older persons.
  • We encourage older persons to maintain a level of independence, where possible.
  • We encourage older persons to build friendships and enjoy peer support.
  • We offer enjoyable and educational activities to promote intergenerational relationships.

What We Do

We provide social work intervention and case management services to older persons, which includes investigating reports of elderly abuse, assessments for residential care placements, advocacy and programmes.

We provide temporary and permanent financial assistance to older persons, which includes assistance with food, rent and utilities, conduct assessments to determine eligibility for health insurance and housing repairs.

Ongoing educational and well-being programmes and activities catering to the needs of older persons.

Who We Serve

  • Independent older persons who are able to provide the level of self-care;
  • Dependent older persons who are unable to provide the level of self-care;
  • Homebound older persons;
  • Older persons with disabilities; and
  • Indigent older persons who are unable to meet their financial needs (permanent and/or temporary).

Key Persons

  • Cassandra Fearon
    Social Work Manager
  • Ernie Pearson
    Needs Assessment Supervisor
  • Angela Mowbrary
    Administrative Support Team
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Physical Address: 131 Maclendon Drive, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am

FOI Contact

Needs Assessment Unit: Mrs. Julie Faulkner-Grand

Department of Children & Family Services

Ministry of Community Affairs: Mrs. Sophy Banner


Last Updated 2020-10-29