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"Government, and society at large, have a responsibility to create a caring environment for vulnerable members of our community, including senior citizens.

Older persons continue to play meaningful roles in all areas of our society; in politics, voluntary and community work and family life. For this reason we must do everything in our power to promote and protect their rights. It is also critical that we facilitate inter-generational activities so that our seniors can pass on their knowledge and experiences to our young people

To raise awareness of the invaluable role that older person play in our lives, each year we work with an organising committee that includes community members, to coordinate Older Persons' Month. Beginning on October 1 International Day of Older Persons through October 31, Our goal is to develop events that will appeal to older persons on all three islands and which will demonstrate how relevant seniors still are to modern Caymanian society."

We also offer the following services to seniors and their families.


The Department at times must engage in mediation to address a range of family issues in order to assist families to resolve issues ranging from care and well- being of children or elderly relatives.

Family Services

This includes social work intervention with families affected by domestic violence or elderly abuse.

Older Persons Month 2015 - Calendar
Older Persons Month 2015 - Calendar Poster

Last Updated 2015-10-23