Mission & Vision Statements

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Mission Statement

The Department of Children & Family Services exists to encourage and promote self-sufficiency; to advocate, motivate and educate individuals and families, empowering them to realize their full potential thus functioning effectively as members of our society. This will be achieved through the provision of therapeutic services and community based programmes enhanced by ongoing research and in partnership with key stakeholders.

Vision Statement


  • Children growing up in a safe, nurturing, and supportive family and community.
  • Children having a sense of worth, cultural identity andbelonging.
  • Children having the right and access to the full scope of high quality services available to them including: education, health, legal, spiritual, social and recreational services.


  • Adults who are aware of and understand the various needs within the society, in particular those of the disadvantaged andcan assist others by advocating for the services and resources they might need.
  • Adults assuming responsibility and functioning as productive members of society.
  • Adults who practice and experience responsible parenthood and serve as positive role models for others.


  • Families that strengthen and maintain their intergenerational roles and values.
  • A strong family system which embraces social, cultural and moral values promoting quality life for vulnerable members within the family.
  • Families living as interdependent members of society.


  • A community that understands and respects the Caymanian culture and that of others within our society, and one which promotes National pride.
  • A community sensitized, empowered to proactively respond to the well-being of the individual and groups in the society and advocate for a reasonable standard of living for all.
  • A community that respects diversity and treats each individual with empathy despite race, color, ethnicity, gender, religious belief and sexual orientation.

Last Updated 2013-02-15