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 A glimpse at a potentially busy October for seniors.

Published 29th September 2019, 3:42pm

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) under the Ministry of Community Affairs is gearing up for a busy October with the advent of its observance of Older Persons Month (OPM). The theme of this year’s appreciation of those aged 65 plus is “Positive Ageing.”

With 29 activities planned across the three islands over 22 days, it is anticipated that if previous years are anything to go by, many of our seniors will attend several of the events.

“The theme for our 2019 Older Persons Month reflects the continuing focus of the Ministry and the Department to promote and assist our ageing population,” said the Ministry’s Chief Officer Teresa Echenique.

“The Older Persons Month calendar is now available in public outlets and online, and I strongly urge seniors, their families and carers of seniors to familiarise themselves with the events scheduled throughout next month and attend as many events as possible.”

Older Persons Month will this year kick off on Tuesday, 1 October with an International Day of Older Persons Garden Party at Pedro St. James. The event, as well as officially launching the observance, will announce this year’s Older Persons Month ambassadors. As with all OPM activities, the open air event in the historic setting is open to all seniors as well as carers.

“Studies show that persons are living longer here and throughout the globe. Having a positive mental outlook, good health and continuing interest in the world around you and assistance when needed are the hallmarks of ageing well. Both the Ministry and DCFS are heavily invested in continuing to develop world-class services and programmes for seniors that support and advance this ethos,” she added.

“From the traditional island tours, Big Stage variety show and the close-out Older Persons Gala to newer events like the many Gym Days and the Movie Screening, OPM is set to be an entertaining and interactive month for our seniors,” said DCFS Director Paulinda Mendoza-Williams.

“DCFS staff have spent many hours planning and refining ideas for these OPM activities as part of their outreach mandate. This is on top of their already heavy caseloads and duties. They will be working full days in the month to come, and supervising the many weekend and evening events. As well as thanking them in advance, I’d like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to our many generous public and private sector sponsors and individual donors, for their support and contributions,” she concluded.

For more information about Older Persons Month, get copies of the OPM events calendar at the Government Administration Building, public libraries, supermarkets, district clinics, community centres, churches. Alternatively, contact the DCFS at 949-0290 or view the schedule online -> and at